Georgian Text Encoding Converter

Georgian Text Encoding Converter

Georgian Encoding Convertor Tool

With our dynamic encoding tool, you can effortlessly transform Georgian text into a multitude of encoding formats. We offer an extensive range of options for you, including a Latin layout (like English, often referred to as qwerty, for instance, the font AcadNusx), a Unicode layout (typical standard, for instance, the font Sylfaen and BPG-family fonts), the Parliament-Soros standard often referred to as Std8/SP (for instance, fonts GEO_Times, Geo_Academiuri), and a unique Unicode upper case version (for example, font Arial Unicode MS, and Mkhedruli capital variants in BPG-family fonts).

To use this tool, all you need to do is input the text you want to convert, choose the original and desired encoding, and click on the Convert button. The smart system is designed to automatically determine the initial encoding when you input the text.



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