gemini May 21 - June 20

Your attention will be a hot commodity today, dear Gemini, as Venus shares a sweet connection with glittering Jupiter. This cosmic climate will bring a magnetism to your aura, though you'll want to be mindful of to whom you give your energy. The Cancer new moon will inspire you to indulge in a bit of luxury this evening, though you'll want to be mindful that you don't go overboard with your consumption or spending. This lunar is also perfect for embracing candle magic or manifestation mantras, as the universe looks for ways to channel your wishes into the material realms. 
You'll have an opportunity to check in with and bring stability to your emotions today, dear Gemini, as the moon continues its journey through watery Cancer and your solar second house. Finding security within yourself versus the approval of others will be a major theme for you right now, especially if you've been disappointed by a love interest recently. Electricity and excitement will fill the air as Luna blows a kiss to Uranus later in the evening, triggering your impulsive and independent nature. Give yourself permission to break out of your traditional routine, but try not to engage in high-risk activities.