virgo August 23 - September 22

You may struggle with tapping into your personal power this morning, dear Virgo, as the moon makes its way through Capricorn while forming a harsh square to Jupiter. Luckily, these wonky vibes will dissipate as afternoon rolls in, giving you a chance to shake off any insecurities that may have found you earlier in the day. You'll be in the mood for fun once you've clocked out for the day, which could inspire you to hit happy hour with your colleagues, but try not to stay out too late since creative inspiration is likely to find you this evening.
Divine inspiration could find you today, dear Virgo, as the Taurus sun connects with profound Pluto, activating the sectors of your chart that govern creativity and spirituality. These vibes will give you an opportunity to express yourself in philosophical and deep ways, especially if it's through an artistic outlet. A dreamy atmosphere will fill the air later tonight, thanks to a sweet connection between Luna and Neptune. This cosmic climate is perfect for a date night or some serious self-care time as the universe encourages you to momentarily escape from reality by embracing love and indulging your senses, passions, or fantasies.