virgo August 23 - September 22

Though Mercury's retrograde reign of terror may have made a mess of your life in the previous weeks, you'll begin to feel its effects wear off today as it ends its backspin through the skies. However, its after-effects may continue to send shockwaves through the cosmos until October 16, so you'll want to remain on guard until then. Meanwhile, the moon takes its first steps through Capricorn, putting you in a creative headspace throughout the next two days. These vibes are also perfect for nurturing your friendships and whirlwind romances, so be sure to open yourself up to companionship. 
Creative breakthroughs could manifest for you this morning, dear Virgo, when the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to revolutionary Uranus. Pay special attention to any ingenious ideas that crawl into your head right now, as the universe looks for ways to guide and inspire you. Unfortunately, you could begin to lose steam or hit roadblocks when Luna shares an unbalanced connection with Mars this afternoon, but try not to let these wonky vibes discourage you. Luckily, the ambiance will elevate this evening when the moon connects with dreamy Neptune, bringing an airy and harmonious energy to the table.