taurus April 20 - May 20

The universe will be listening to you today, dear Taurus, as the moon makes its way into Capricorn and your solar ninth house. Unfortunately, this cosmic climate could cause you to lose touch with your center, thanks to an unbalanced aspect between Luna and Venus, your ruling planet. Try to keep tabs on how often you're daydreaming right now, and be sure to write out a to-do list for the day if you're having difficulty staying focused. As the day comes to a close, try to get a meditation session in so that you may open yourself up to messages from beyond the veil.
You'll feel elevated and in sync with the world around you today, darling Taurus, thanks to a sweet connection between the sun and profound Pluto. This celestial dance will allow you to see beyond the surface and help you understand how deeply the beauty in our universe runs. Meanwhile, a supportive connection between Luna and Uranus could bring moments of clarity, signs from the universe, and small blessings your way, making it a great time for journaling or meditation. Unfortunately, some cosmic turbulence will manifest later in the afternoon when Luna enters a harsh square with Venus, which could stir up insecurities if you allow it to.