taurus April 20 - May 20

The Sagittarius quarter moon could reveal tension within your network, dear Taurus, and you should remember to take a supportive stance when playing the role of peacekeeper. The focus shifts toward your own transformative journey when Mars activates, nudging you to cultivate internal structures that will allow you to evolve. The Nodes of Fate bring positive shifts this afternoon, especially when you actively let go of unhealthy patterns to establish better wellness routines. Take a breather from your devices to find peace when Luna connects with Mercury and Chiron midafternoon, and consider lowering interpersonal guards when Venus stirs later this evening.
The news cycle may feel overwhelming as the Sagittarius moon squares off with Neptune, dear Taurus, threatening to throw you in a funk if you don't maintain healthy boundaries with the outside world. Luckily, your ability to process information quickly returns this afternoon when Mercury and Uranus align, helping you catch up on current events and social media feeds without feeling frazzled. Reinvest in your spiritual well-being as Luna enters Capricorn, helping you feel closer to the divine forces within and around you. Create a strategy and make moves when Mars aspects the Nodes of Fate, driving you toward success.