scorpio October 23 - November 21

You may require solitude as the moon enters Libra, dearest Scorpio, urging you to find peace after a busy work week. Your home will feel particularly restorative when Luna blows a kiss to Pluto this morning, inspiring you to nurture yourself and those you share a roof with. Love multiplies as afternoon sets in and the Taurus sun crosses over Jupiter, expanding your heart while bringing a spiritual element to treasured relationships. Excitement fills the air this evening when Mars aligns with the Nodes of Fate, motivating you to seize destiny by working for what you want in the coming days.
You'll find yourself in a solitary headspace when the Libra moon faces off with Mars and the North Node this morning, dearest Scorpio, marking the perfect excuse to stay busy with personal errands. Unfortunately, you may feel slightly low energy under these cosmic conditions, making it important that you nurture your physical self first. You'll perk up this afternoon when the Taurus sun blows a kiss to Neptune, offering inspiration and romance. Consider working on a passion project or doing something restorative with a loved one. Give your mind plenty of time to unwind before heading to bed when Chiron becomes agitated tonight.