sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Learning to fully embrace your sense of potency and self-confidence is never an easy task, Sagittarius. It’s been an uphill battle, one that can feel emotionally taxing as you learn to truly believe in your talents and fearlessly advocate for them. Sunday’s skies encourage you to deeply reassess which of your goals are worth pursuing and which are no longer relevant as the ego-concerned sun and brutally honest Pluto square off.
It’s been hard to tell who's a friend from foe in recent weeks, Sagittarius. Mercury’s retrograde phase has had you reviewing who belongs in your close circle and which of your goals are still relevant. Monday’s skies find Mercury ending its retrograde, returning a sense of clarity and momentum to your plans. Elsewhere, go-getter Mars’ alignment with dream-big Jupiter provides energy, motivation, and action-taking drive.