sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Venus and Pluto form an unbalanced connection, dear Sagittarius, bringing severity to your voice. Though you may be tempted to speak on impulse, it may be wise to pull back. Composure could be sacrificed if you choose to engage with tense or difficult people, and words exchanged may lead to regret if conflict has a chance to intensify. Luckily, you'll feel drawn to solitude as the moon continues her journey through Scorpio, granting permission to lay low. Methodically unpack your feelings when Saturn stirs this afternoon, nurturing any sore spots on your heart. Consider practicing self-care later tonight when Luna and Chiron align.
Your subconscious mind fires on all cylinders when the Scorpio moon aspects Uranus during the early hours, Archer, paving the way for enlightening dreams. Take a moment to sit with your emotions as the day begins and Neptune activates, nurturing yourself through morning routines. You'll perk up once Luna debuts in your sign, forming a supportive connection with Pluto that will shift your perspective. You'll also have the power to initiate change with words, so be sure to speak when it matters most. Embrace romance or self-care as the day comes to a close and the moon aligns with Jupiter.