sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Your sense of security could hit some turbulence today, darling Sagittarius, as the moon enters Capricorn while sharing a harsh square with Jupiter, your planetary ruler. This cosmic climate might lead to ego hits or inflamed insecurities, making it vital that you ground and connect with your self-worth before beginning the day. Luckily, these vibes will stabilize as afternoon rolls in, giving you a chance to tap into the material realms and your center. Look for ways to indulge your senses as the day comes to a close by treating yourself to a delicious dinner and perhaps a helping of dessert. 
You'll have an opportunity to change your habits for the better today, dear Archer, as the Taurus sun connects with transformative Pluto. These vibes will push you to create a more solid foundation for yourself, though doing so could require you to implement more consistent eating, sleeping, and workout schedules. Luckily, your hard work is poised to pay off for you financially and professionally, as a newfound sense of discipline replaces any irresponsible tendencies you may have struggled with historically. Plan on spending the night at home to relax or engage with a passion project when the moon shares sweet aspects with Neptune and Mars.