sagittarius November 22 - December 21

The energy will begin to flow more easily within your professional life as Mercury ends its retrograde journey this morning, dear Archer, making it important that you meditate on ways in which you can elevate your occupational status. This change in the cosmic winds will also provide you with an opportunity to rebuild boundaries that may have deteriorated throughout the last few weeks, so be sure to draw lines where they're needed — even if it's with yourself. Luckily, the Capricorn moon will help you feel more stable and connected to the present, as long as you move at your own pace and find your gratitude. 
Luck may strike in unexpected places this morning, dear Sagittarius, as the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to unpredictable Uranus. These vibes could also bring through new opportunities around the office, especially if you showcase the hard worker that you are. Just try not to push yourself too far, or you could become agitated when Luna shares an unbalanced aspect with Mars this afternoon. Luckily, good vibes will be restored this evening, making it the perfect time to reconnect with your social circle. Though opportunities to grow your online following may also come into play, so be sure to post something interesting!