pisces February 19 - March 20

You may find that an unusual amount of people within your social circle are turning to you for support or advice today as the moon moves into Capricorn and your solar eleventh house. Unfortunately, a harsh connection between Luna and Jupiter could cause these circumstances to overwhelm you, especially if discussions around money pop up. Luckily, these harsh vibes will mellow once the afternoon rolls in, giving you an opportunity to socialize without feeling anxious or overstimulated. As the day comes to a close, you should look for ways to support your neighborhood by visiting family-owned businesses or dining establishments in your area.
Try not to compare your financial situation to your friends’ right now, dear Pisces, as the Capricorn moon enters a harsh connection to Venus in the afternoon. This cosmic climate could leave you feeling pressured to keep up with the latest fashion or fads circulating in your social circle. However, it would be unwise to spend irresponsibly just to keep up appearances. Luckily, a helpful aspect between the Taurus sun and Pluto can help you reclaim your clarity, understanding that true value comes from within. Good vibes will flow this evening as the moon blows a kiss to Neptune, your ruling planet, dissolving away any discomfort that may have found you earlier.