pisces February 19 - March 20

Focus on maintaining personal balance this morning, dearest Pisces, as the Virgo moon squares off with Venus. Honoring your emotional and mental needs will be key for staying afloat, though a helpful connection between the sun and Mercury will make it easier to get where you need to be. Dreamy vibes flow when Neptune activates, making it easy to win hearts, though you should remember to support yourself when investing in others. Opportunities to bond deeply come into play when Luna enters Libra and aspects Pluto, marking the ideal time to swap secrets with a trusted ally. Warmth fills your home tonight when Jupiter stirs, so be sure to do something cozy inside.
Reflect on what it truly means to decompress and release, darling Pisces, as the Libra moon moves through your house of death and rebirth. Now is the time to lay grievances to rest, finding grace as you evolve to a place of personal harmony. Ground in the present moment and consider spending time in nature as the Nodes of Fate stir this afternoon, meditating on how you can move slowly toward the future you envision. Remember that manifestation often comes in stages, considering where you're now and what can be done as you inch toward what your heart desires most.