pisces February 19 - March 20

Monday’s skies foreshadow the core issues to be dealt with in the week ahead, Pisces. The moon spends the day meandering through ambitious Capricorn, sending your focus on your long-term aspirations and sense of community. Luna spends the day merged with bond-building Venus and frustration-releasing Pluto, helping you hone in on your core values and current goals. Aim to prioritize what really matters to you, and let the rest fall away.
There are some days it's best to hide away from the world, Pisces. You know that all too well, and Tuesday’s skies are here to remind you that some struggles are worth untangling in solitude. Your ruling planet, visionary Jupiter, receives a hostile visit from irritable Mars today. This pairing, while pumping you full of vigor and energy, can also add a dose of stress and strife to your plans.