libra September 23 - October 22

You may feel emotionally off balance as the Capricorn moon squares off with Chiron this morning, sweet Libra, marking the perfect excuse to lay low from home. Consider hosting an impromptu lunch at your place when Uranus activates this afternoon, putting you in the mood to connect with and nurture loved ones. Check in with your physical, emotional, and mental needs when Neptune stirs this evening, asking you to invest in your best life by dissolving that which is not serving you. You'll sense a shift tonight when the moon enters Aquarius, allowing creative juices to flow.
Go above and beyond for yourself today, dearest Libra, as the Aquarius moon and Jupiter conspire to bring you an extra dose of confidence and luck. Don't feel guilty about putting your own agenda first, especially if your goals seem within reach. However, it may take some bravery to step into the unknown and embrace transformation when Mars becomes agitated later today, which may cause you to resist change. Luckily, the Nodes of Fate step in to soothe these tensions, though you may want to connect with a supportive loved one if you could use some positive reinforcement.