libra September 23 - October 22

The universe will ask you to show compassion and understanding to yourself, dear Libra, as Mercury and Venus share a sweet connection with profound Pluto. These vibes will hit on a deep level, though you'll have an opportunity to find inner peace and a sense of emotional fulfillment. Major shifts could manifest within your romantic life as the sun faces off with Jupiter, making it a good time to express what's in your heart. Good vibes will continue to flow when a grand trine forms in the cosmos, helping you bring structure, discipline, and good sense to your dreams and goals. 
Try not to be a sore loser this morning, dear Libra, as the moon continues its journey through your sign while forming a harsh connection with brooding Pluto. This cosmic climate could fray your nerves, eating away at your patience for others and ability to accept advice or criticism. Luckily, you'll have an opportunity to shake off this funk and stabilize your heart once the moon enters Scorpio later in the afternoon, which may also be a good time to treat yourself and embrace a bit of luxury. Spiritual inspiration will find you as Mars connects with Saturn, ushering in creative ideas that can help you reach important goals.