libra September 23 - October 22

Any fears or anxieties that you've been struggling with recently will begin to work themselves out today, dear Libra, as Mercury ends its retrograde motion. However, this wonky energy won't completely dissipate until October 16. However, showing patience and compassion for yourself can help you weather these stormy vibes, as long as you embrace solitude when needed. Luckily, a stabilizing energy from the Capricorn moon will bring strength to your heart, helping you practice resilience amongst any emotional upheaval you may be conceding with. Take some time to reconnect with what's in your heart later tonight, processing any feelings you've been running from.
This morning will offer you a chance to break free from any emotional weight that's been dragging you down recently, dear Libra, as the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to revolutionary Uranus. These vibes will also encourage you to step into your personal power, so don't let anyone push you around. Mixed feelings may find you this afternoon when Luna shares an unbalanced aspect with Mars, especially if your fantasies aren't lining up with reality. Luckily, you'll have a chance to find clarity within your dream this evening, when the moon connects with Neptune and Mercury, helping you tackle these hopes realistically.