libra September 23 - October 22

As a Libra, you typically prefer not to ruffle feathers or make dramatic scenes if you don’t have to. Monday’s skies work to test your calm facade and encourage you to deal head-on with some emotionally-stirring issues on the home front as the moon roams through serious Capricorn. Luna’s meet-up with your ruling planet, magnetic Venus, and truth-revealing Pluto help you tune into what frustrations need honest addressing on the home and family front. 
Don’t be surprised if you’re not feeling like your usual self this week, Libra. You’re dealing head-on with some tricky emotional material that requires privacy and solitude to fully untangle. Fortunately, some relief can be found through creative outlets and romantic pursuits today as the moon floats through eccentric Aquarius. Meanwhile, self-motivated Mars squares off with big plan Jupiter, offering a boost of optimistic energy to apply towards personal projects.