libra September 23 - October 22

The cosmic climate this morning will act as a bit of a mixed bag, dear Libra, as the Aquarius moon forms a sweet connection to Chiron and a not-so-sweet aspect to Uranus. While you'll feel supported by your true friends and loved ones, power struggles could manifest as well, especially when it comes to business relationships. Luckily, these wonky vibes will break up as afternoon rolls in, giving you a chance to reset and reconnect with your sense of pride and fun. A romantic energy will find you later this evening when Luna blows a kiss to Venus, making it the perfect time for a date night or some self-care at home.
If you haven't been catering to your physical health, it could catch up to you today, dear Libra, as the moon makes its way into Pisces while forming harsh connections to the Gemini moon and cerebral Mercury. Your body will send signals right now if something's not right, making it a good time for stretching, meditation, and healthy eating. These vibes will also ask you to get organized in anticipation of the workweek ahead, especially if you've fallen behind on laundry or meal planning. You'll feel a shift this evening when Mercury re-enters Taurus, motivating you to tap into your personal power.