leo July 23 - August 22

The Taurus moon and Mars face off this morning, dear Leo, asking you to ask where empowerment stems from. Slow down and focus on the present moment to make the most of these vibes, asking for guidance where you need it most. Just be mindful not to make serious commitments under these cosmic conditions and avoid any impulses that involve burning bridges. Consider disappearing into a cleansing bath or relaxing shower when Neptune stirs this evening, presenting opportunities to dissolve tension and cut energetic cords. Unexpected breakthroughs could pave paths toward success when Jupiter and Uranus unite, while Luna's debut into Libra promises to sharpen your wits.
A supportive and loving energy emerges in the very early hours as the Libra moon and Pluto align, darling Lion. Relish any sweet dreams or midnight conversations that elevate the spirit, riding these high cosmic tides into morning. Good vibes continue to flow when Venus and Chiron unify in your house of spirituality, making it easier to communicate with the other side while receiving guidance and blessings. Open yourself up to possibility, finding healing through optimism. Just try not to let pressure weigh you down when the sun and Pluto square off, building structures that will ensure your success.