leo July 23 - August 22

Your words will shine brightly today, dear Leo, thanks to a celestial marriage between the Gemini sun and communicative Mercury. These vibes are perfect for standing up on your soapbox, as people will be drawn to your thoughts and ideas. Your social media pages may also benefit from this cosmic climate, but be sure to edit your posts carefully before publishing them, as Mercury remains in its retrograde journey. As the day comes to a close, try to cut out some time for meditation and gratitude work when Luna blows a kiss to sweet Venus.
You'll be in a cut and dry headspace today, dear Leo, as the moon makes its way into Pisces, activating your solar eighth house. Unfortunately, a harsh connection to the sun and Mercury could bring some tension to your social life, especially if you feel as though others aren't operating on the up and up. Though you may feel tempted to call others out on their nonsense, doing so could bring through more drama than you'd anticipated, so you may want to save these tense conversations for another day. You'll feel a shift later tonight when Mercury re-enters Taurus, bringing your focus to professional matters as Monday looms ahead.