leo July 23 - August 22

You may be forced to work out a few emotional kinks through the dream realms, dear Leo, as the Scorpio moon opposes Uranus early this morning. Luckily, you'll feel more at ease once the day begins and Neptune stirs, helping you make peace with any tension brewing beneath the surface. The spark within ignites at full force once Luna enters Sagittarius, putting you in step with your boldest and most confident self. Loved ones will notice a difference within you when Pluto activates this afternoon, and bonds will intensify when you remain open-hearted. New friendships could blossom this evening when Jupiter stirs.
Your wits and daring will be rewarded by the stars this morning, dear Leo, as the Sagittarius moon and Nodes of Fate align to promote bravery and creative action. Just try not to worry about what others may think when the sun and Neptune square off, staying true to your own path. If you need a break from prying eyes, consider embracing more solitude once the sun enters Cancer this afternoon, marking a period of introspection and soul searching. Create new structures to support your passions and artistic pursuits when Saturn activates later tonight, especially if you've been neglecting personal interests.