capricorn December 22 - January 19

You’re on the go under Monday’s skies, Capricorn. The moon careens into soulful Pisces, signaling the time of the month where you catch up on missed mental messages and important exchanges. It’s an ideal day to immerse yourself in a writing project or reach out to someone you can have a heart to heart with. Luna’s opposition with value-defining Venus can make long-distance journeys or educational pursuits fraught. 
Tuesday’s skies skew reality, Capricorn. The ethereal Pisces moon merges with dreamy Neptune, making it hard to focus on the here and now. Use this powerfully inspired energy to work on creative projects that require mental stamina, rather than work on projects requiring a practical, down-to-earth outlook. Elsewhere, Mercury slips into self-centered Leo, directing your mental energy towards intimate partnerships, from now through August 11.