capricorn December 22 - January 19

Mercury and Mars align to ignite your internal fire, Capricorn, inspiring you to be bold. This energy also supports your relationships, so be sure to invest in the people you can be authentic with. New ideas could also lead to exciting new passion projects as the stars conspire to amplify your creative voice. Just be sure to document inspiration as it strikes, or Neptune could cause you to forget certain details later today. Your confidence elevates once Luna enters your sign, gearing up for tonight's full moon. Use the energy of this astrological event to recommit to your personal goals.
The moon continues its journey through your sign, Sea-goat, aligning with Venus early this morning while opening the door to romantic dreams. Take note of your sleeptime adventures, as they may reveal your true heart's desires. Get an early start in the pursuit of fun as Mars activates in the sector of your chart that governs pleasure, rallying friends to kick off the weekend in style. Just be mindful not to go overboard with the festivities as a grand trine emerges this afternoon, especially if there are important tasks or chores you hope to complete before Monday rolls in.