capricorn December 22 - January 19

You'll value honesty with an increased ability to see bigger pictures, darling Sea-Goat, as the sun and Jupiter align overhead. Watch out for technological distractions when the Scorpio moon squares off with Venus, threatening to remove you from the present. You'll have a chance to soothe childhood wounds when Chiron stirs, so be sure to show younger versions of yourself some extra love. Avoid large crowds when Luna faces off with Uranus, bringing an unpredictable energy to the collective that could result in major drama or chaos. Instead, opt for a dreamy night indoors with friends when Neptune activates.
Opt for private affairs rather than seeking grand adventures, dear Capricorn, as the moon enters Sagittarius and your solar twelfth house. You'll find much pleasure lying low in the lap of luxury when Pluto stirs, so be sure to seek quiet while indulging the senses. Unfortunately, your attention may become a hot commodity when Mercury forms an unbalanced connection with the South Node. Fortunately, putting your phone on silent can act as a barrier against needy companions. Your ego may crave a bit of retail therapy when Venus squares off with Uranus, though the chaotic energy at play could lead to buyer's remorse.