cancer June 21 - July 22

Share your philosophies and intuitive wisdom as the sun and Jupiter share a sweet exchange, dear Cancer, finding kindred spirits who align with these beliefs. Just be mindful not to rush attachments as the Scorpio moon squares off with Venus, protecting your vulnerable sides. Direct focus toward your professional ambitions when Chiron activates, connecting with a mentor who can guide you toward success. Avoid dramatic displays within your friendship circle or online feeds when Luna and Uranus face off tonight. Opt instead to align with the divine forces that flow within and around you as midnight nears and Neptune stirs.
Greet the weekend with a rush of activity, dear Cancer, as the Sagittarius moon motivates you to catch up on chores and personal errands. You'll feel satisfied with each item crossed off your to-do list while Pluto is active, finding empowerment in the process. This energy can also be used to establish new Saturday routines if you've been craving change. Your psychic sensitivities heighten when Mercury and the South Node enter an unbalanced connection midafternoon, making it important that you protect your energy and mental health. Watch out for jealousy amongst peers when Venus and Uranus square off this evening.