cancer June 21 - July 22

A healing energy will find you today, dear Cancer, as the moon makes its way into compassionate Pisces and the sector of your chart that governs spirituality. Unfortunately, this cosmic climate could also come with a bit of shadow work, as Luna squares off with the moon and Mercury. This cosmic climate could require you to go deep within your psyche, as the universe asks you to release and make peace with any pain you may have been carrying around lately. Luckily, a sweet connection between Mars and Pluto can motivate you to do this emotional heavy lifting, all in the name of personal transformation.
Emotional breakthroughs and moments of enlightenment are likely to find you this afternoon, sweet Crab, as the moon continues its journey through Pisces, forming a sweet connection to revolutionary Uranus. Keep a pen and paper handy to document any epiphanies you may have, lest you forget them later. Meanwhile, passionate Mars and communicative Mercury will enter a supportive aspect in the sky, making it a good time to take a few chances, especially if you feel as though you're being guided by the universe. Just try not to make any major decisions unless you're absolutely sure, as Mercury is still in the midst of its retrograde motion.