aries March 21 - April 19

The moon moves into Capricorn this morning, sweet Aries, illuminating your solar tenth house while putting you in a serious and career-focused headspace. Use this energy to push forward in your professional agenda, as the universe will be looking for ways to support your occupational growth right now.  Unfortunately, a harsh connection to expansive Jupiter could make you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities as the workweek hits its midway point. Luckily, a sweet alliance between Mars, your planetary ruler, and dreamy Neptune will help you hold onto your motivation as long as you stay tapped into your dreams.
A harsh connection between the Capricorn moon and Chiron may threaten your motivation to go to work today, dear Aries, especially if you don't feel inspired by your current professional path. Luckily, a helping hand from Uranus could bring a welcome distraction your way while also providing you with an opportunity to acknowledge and tap into the beauty that exists in this world. When Luna squares off with Venus this afternoon, your energy levels might take a hit if you haven't been practicing enough self-care. However, you'll have a chance to reclaim your vitality as the witching hour nears and the moon connects with passionate Mars.