aries March 21 - April 19

Be mindful of who you trust today, dear Aries, as the Aquarius moon enters a harsh square to rebellious Uranus. This cosmic climate could conjure a few snakes in the grass, making it vital that you keep a tight social circle for now. Luckily, these wonky vibes will break up as the day unfolds, helping you trust in humanity once more. Unfortunately, rocky vibes could find you this evening when Luna enters a harsh t-square with the nodes of fate. Frustrations could manifest within your financial situation or closest relationships, making it important that you stay grounded and calm if a conflict should arise. 
You won't feel like socializing much this morning, dear Aries, as the moon makes its way into watery Pisces, forming a harsh square to the Gemini sun and chatty Mercury. This cosmic climate could also cause an internal struggle of sorts, as you contemplate life while weighing your options. Luckily, a sweet connection between Mars, your planetary ruler, and transformative Pluto, can help empower you, especially if you've been thinking of making a change within your professional path. You'll notice a shift this evening when Mercury re-enters Taurus, inspiring you to get organized within your finances while reevaluating your spending habits.