aquarius January 20 - February 18

Doors will open when you follow your instincts, dear Aquarius, as the Libra moon aligns with passionate Mars. Now is the time for action, especially when it comes to chasing dreams. Soul bonds will feel that much sweeter when Venus stirs, so be sure to reach out to your most treasured kindred spirits. This energy also pairs well with spiritual practices or meditation, especially when looking for guidance on your manifestation journey. Be mindful of who you share secrets with when the Nodes of Fate stir later today, as words will spread easily. Stay grounded by working with the senses as the sun and Mercury unite in our skies. 
Remember that money is power but can't buy everything, dear Aquarius, as the sun, Mercury, and Saturn align in your solar second house. Use this energy to strike a healthy balance between wanting more and appreciating what you have. When gratitude is shadowed by hunger, it can be difficult to find fulfillment. In a practical sense, these cosmic conditions can provide enlightenment when you reflect on success, money, and ways to access more. The desire to get ahead intensifies when the Scorpio moon and Pluto square off tonight, though you should take care to manage expectations and internal pressure.