aquarius January 20 - February 18

Start your day with positive thoughts as the Aries sun and Leo moon share a sweet exchange, inviting you to soak up warmth and love. The ambiance intensifies once Luna migrates into Virgo, putting you in the mood for commitment. Whether you're chasing professional ambitions, a new living situation, or that happily ever after, use this energy to strategize the path ahead. Just be mindful not to let optimism guide you, darling Aquarius, taking a closer look at roadblocks or restrictions. Review the journey that brought you where you are today when Mercury retrograde and Venus unite, finding gratitude for the present moment.
You'll be reminded of the importance in family and home as the sun makes its debut into Taurus and your solar fourth house. Use this energy to connect with your intuitive and compassionate side, and consider returning to music, movies, or activities that unleash the child within. Meanwhile, Mars aspects Jupiter and Uranus, asking you to seek that which offers emotional stability and nurturing. You may also feel called to nest from the comfort of your abode, while interior investments will be hard to resist. Just take care not to overspend midafternoon when the Virgo moon faces off with impulsive Mars.